Artist Statement

Since 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has spread globally. A young woman quarantining at home lights a candle on her palm in order to fight against the numbest caused by virtual online interaction. After this intimate contact with flames, she thinks that she has fallen in love with fire. And then, she started a series of practices to get closer to fire.

However, when she burns her hand in order to keep the fire in her hand longer, she puts off the flame because she can not conquer her fear. Therefore, she finds out the love that she has claimed towards fire is a statement to shields and mitigates her desires and selfishness. Her desire object has already deviated from fire. Her real purpose is to use the beauty and power of fire to escape from her own mediocrity as a mortal. Then, after realizing this, she starts to reflect on herself and to make her confession.

Through The Deviation of Desire: Fire, I create a space for revealing desires. The character in the film talks to herself about her fear and selfishness like making a confession. Giving up on maintaining a good image, instead, she exposes her disgraceful thoughts, dissecting a kind of "lip servicing” love. (false love?) Because, as you know, if you want to hear others’ secrets, you have to share your secrets first. I want to create films like creating dreams because, In dreams, we discover our deep and even disgraceful desires. And I also want to invite the audience to join the dream, but I’ll join it first, and the rest is up to you.