Wings of Icarus


245 x 160 x 110 cm

Steel, Wax, Paint, Nylon Rope, Cotton Thread, Fabric, Human Body

The steel skeleton of the wings supports my body to hover in the middle of the air. White candles burn and drip on my hands and the skeleton of my wings. At this moment, I feel that I am connected to Icarus, and I begin to meditate on why Icarus could not resist the temptation of the Sun:

With the wings that I constructed from feathers and wax, I flew to the Sun.

My gaze made you overly beautiful,
Like a giant incandescent egg of an idol.
I approached with sanity, knowing the cost your lethality
I was aware of the importance of distance,
And I thought I was in control
Until defeated by my cowardice.

Wings caught fire, eyes were burnt, but blindness has brought the true vision. When my life was on the line, the blindness helped me escape from my body and return to infinity.

Time disappears. The falling suspends
And now, I know what to do. I should shut up.


Silver Monster


143 x 115 x 20 cm

Pin, Insect Screen, Human Body

I sew a fur with numerous silver pins and lay it on my body to transform into a monster with this silver pinned fur. If you stroke me following the direction of the pin tips, you will feel softness; yet if you do it with an opposite direction, you bear the danger of being stung. 


The Bird of Desire


102 x 102 x 216 cm

Stainless Steel, Fish hook, LED, Hair, Vinyl

If my sexual desire were to have a body, it would look like this —— a metal chandelier.


Mask: Idol


16 x 16 x 0.5 cm

Photosensitive Resin Print, Human Body


Everything Everywhere All at Once


330 x 145 x 225 cm

Hair, Resin, Fish Hook 

When you are down on the lower levels of this pyramid, you will be either on one side or the other. But when you move to the top, the points come together, and there is everything everywhere all at once.


Keep Balance


33 x 58 x 55 cm

Plaster, Spirit Level, Nylon Rope, Resin, Steel Hook 

It is the tension of ropes that holds a plaster model of my hand; it is balance of my palm that holds a cross made of levels. Bubbles are resting in the center of levels so that the cross stays perfectly horizontal.


Mask: Guide


58.5 x 60 x 85 cm

Photosensitive Resin Print, Hair, Water, Glass Dropper, Plastic Tube, Human Body

I had this vision of having a lily stigma as the extension of my face for years, so I finally made this piece. There is a thin water pipe that runs through the stigma and connects to the glass dropper I hide behind my back. During the performance, by squeezing the dropper, I drop one water droplet on each audience, a very light, light touch.





Video, Projector




140 x 150 x 50 cm,

Steel, Spray Paint

  1. Wings of Icarus
  2. Silver Monster
  3. The Bird of Desire
  4. Mask: Idol
  5. Everything Everywhere All at Once 
  6. Keep Balance 
  7. Mask: Guide 
  8. Heart 
  9. Fear