From the Center of the Yangtze River 01


Rock, Rope, Fabric, Straw Hat, Human Body 

In Chongqing, I walked all the way to the exposed riverbed low tide in the center of the Yangtze River. On the riverbed were all kinds of pebbles, so I decided to make a tail by stringing the pebbles together with a rope. To complete the tail, I walked across the Yangtze River for three days in a row, picking rocks from the riverbed in the center of the river and knotting the rope according to the shape of the rocks. The repeated walks made me familiar with the terrain along the way, and I could even remember the location of some of the rocks.

Finally, I fixed the end of my tail in the position of my tailbone and crawled prostrate on the reef. The presence and weight of the tail forced me to constantly adjust my crawling position, and sometimes it would get stuck between the rocks, making sounds as the rocks hit each other during the crawl. I did not interact with the audience in any way during the process, as it was completely out of my mind and I was immersed in experiencing and understanding the environment with a new physical sense.

From the Center of the Yangtze River 02


Rock, Rope, Fabric, Straw Hat, Soil, Human Body 

After the performance in the heart of the river, I carried this stone tail to the shore and brought it all the way to Chengdu, where I performed another performance in a kind of "invasion" in the white box space. Unlike before, the flat ground and my previous experience allowed me to better control the body with the stone tail, and this time the focus was on communication with the audience.