The Deviation of Desire: Fire



This video piece documents a series of my performances related to fire. Since 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has spread globally. When I was quarantining at home, I lit a candle on my palm in order to fight against the numbness caused by virtual interaction. After this intimate contact with flames, I thought that I had fallen in love with fire. And then, I started a series of practices to get closer to the fire.

However, when I burnt my hand in order to keep the fire in her hand longer, I put off the flame immediately because I could not conquer my fear. I found the love that I had claimed towards fire a statement to shield and mitigate my desires and selfishness.

Through The Deviation of Desire: Fire, I have created a space for truth. In the film, I make a confession, exposing my fear and selfishness. Because, as you know, if you want to hear others’ secrets, you have to share yours first. I attempt to invite the audience to also face their desires. I will do it first, and the rest is up to you.